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A Garden Wedding Without Checking the Weather Report!

  • Beautiful indoor and outdoor gardens

  • Private Bridal Room

  • 7,000 + square feet of space to host your event filled with tropical and seasonal foliage, water features, flowering baskets and beautiful ambient lighting

  • Large caterer staging area complete with microwave, fridge and sink

  • Overhead stereo system (iPod/iPhone connection)

  • Climate controlled year round (during the warmer months we have the ability to cool the green house down to 75 degrees)  

  • P.A. System-Portable microphone & mic stand, for announcements, etc

  • Area for wedding gifts

  • Dancing Area

  • Convenient parking


The Green House


Our Story

It all started on August 18th, 2000.  Our much anticipated wedding day was here... everything was perfect.  My parents had been working in their backyard constantly from the moment we were engaged right up to the very day of our wedding reception.  You see...I had always wanted a back yard wedding reception and my parents were on board right from the outset.  Every detail had been meticulously planned, we were ready!  In the morning we awoke to an absolutely beautiful August day.  My husband and I were married in the Salt Lake Temple mid-morning.  Following the ceremony, we took pictures, enjoyed family and friends that had gathered to be part of our big day.  


Our reception was scheduled to begin at 6:30PM.  Prior to the reception beginning we planned to take family pictures in the back yard by gardens that had been replanted in the Summer to be beautiful English Gardens.  The weather pattern up to the day of our reception was dry, in fact, there had been no precipitation in Salt Lake City for over 6 weeks.  At approximately 6 o'clock PM we felt a gust of wind and noticed some dark clouds off in the distance.  I turned to my husband with tears in my eyes at that moment because I knew we were about to get drenched.  By 6:30, the storm had arrived and while our family scrambled to put together a tent outside and while our gazebo offered some shelter, the storm was so powerful, we decided to move our party inside.  


By the end of the night, my husband and I had been standing in the entryway of my parents home next to the piano as our guests filed in after greeting us, through the kitchen and out the back door to the stormy weather (our band was stalwart, playing through the night).  The party went on without us (we heard that folks had fun in between the showers).  We never intended to have a "wedding line", but as a result of the circumstances we remained in that line by the piano past 9 o'clock. It just changed everything!


Fast forward to the year 2006, when my husband and I decided to establish receptions at Sun River.  The facilities were state of the art, climate controlled and there was a wonderful charming and romantic setting that we could create.  Our goal has always been to work toward world class service and to create a warm and inviting ambiance for your special event. We've felt well qualified to offer a "garden wedding without checking the weather report".    And the rest is history....

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