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Is it cold in the Winter or Hot in the Summer?

Our facility is climate controlled with heated floors and ceiling. We can put the air conditioning down to 75 degrees. Due to the nature of the greenhouse, the facility does have some dripping.

Can we bring alcohol?

No, Sun River Receptions is a smoke free and alcohol free environment. Even if you have a personal alcohol license. We do not have one for the building.

What time can we rent the Greenhouse?

The building is a full time retail garden nursery. Due to this, you have the facility from 7-10pm. Family can come in at 6pm and Vendors arrive at 5pm and you must be out by 11pm.

Will Sun River Receptions take care of the catering?

No, the wedding party is in charge of overseeing the catering and gift area. We do have vendors that we recommend, but you are welcome to have whom you like to cater. There is a kitchen with a fridge and sink that the caterer can use that is included.

How many people will the Greenhouse hold?

For a sit down event you can have up to 100 people. For an open house you can have 600+ people.

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